Applied Foresight, or Futures Thinking, allows organisations to create a vision of their role in a changing landscape.  By exploring a range of plausible scenarios, participants are able to anticipate strategic opportunities and challenges, to create a more robust and sustainable organisation.

Successes for this approach include:

For a Global FMCG Company, the insights from these workshops ultimately led to the development of a new product which has to date generated more than $100 million in sales.

A number of Local Governments have used this approach to identify opportunities to position themselves to better serve their residents in a complex and changing landscape.

An Energy Company used this approach to identify strategic opportunities and risks to inform operations and the workforce, culminating in three detailed scenarios presented to the Board of Directors.

For an Accommodation Provider operating in 130 Cities, these workshops were used to identify opportunities to innovate guest services by anticipating future guest needs in a range of future scenarios.

For two Software Companies, "Three Courses of the Future" was used to engage their clients in a discussion about evolving workforce practices, leading to product innovation and contributing to the publication of a book.


Three Courses of the Future

Three Courses of The Future is an Interactive Workshop designed to be conducted over a three-course Dinner or Lunch.  Workshop participants learn and execute a structured process for identifying opportunities through Futures Thinking, in a fun and relaxed environment.  

This format works well at Strategy Offsites or with networking groups.  The "menu" is tailored to the audience each time.  If you'd like to explore how "Three Courses of the Future" could work for your organisation, please give us a call on 1800 KIENCO or 0430 734 142.  Our "Sample Menu" can be seen here.

Scenario Development Facilitation

Kienco can tailor a series of progressive workshops (over 1, 2, or 3 days) to uncover and explore a range of trends, construct and explore scenarios, and identify and leverage strategic opportunities and risks.  Though the format and context of these can differ, the objective is always the same - actionable strategic insight to create a more sustainable and effective strategy.