Selected Conference Speeches

Below is a list of prior speaking engagements.  If you'd like to discuss our conference speaker services, please contact us.

Workforce Strategy and the Future of Work

HR Leaders Summit 2018, Auckland, New Zealand, International Keynote Speaker and Opening Address.

Workplaces and Workforces of the Future Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, International Keynote Speaker, "Preparing for the Uncertainty of the Future Workforce", 2018. 

The Workplaces & Workforces of the Future Conference focused on the integration of people, spaces and technology with a view to maximising efficiency and making better use of work spaces.  I was honoured to be one of two international keynote speakers at this inaugural event.

SHRM National Conference, Washington D.C. USA, "Three Rules for Creating Resilient HR Strategy", 2016.

Three Rules for Creating Resilient HR Strategy,  Society for Human Resource Management National Conference, Washington D.C., 2016

Three Rules for Creating Resilient HR Strategy, Society for Human Resource Management National Conference, Washington D.C., 2016

AHRI Geelong Network, hosted by Cotton On Group, Geelong, Australia, "The Future of Work", 2016.

The Future of Work  presentation at Cotton On Group, Geelong, Australia, 2016

The Future of Work presentation at Cotton On Group, Geelong, Australia, 2016

AHRI State Conference, Melbourne Australia, "Workforce Planning and The Future of Work", presentation and panel discussion. With the ‘future of work’ currently on the tip of every HR practitioner's tongue, what does this mean for workforce planning?, 2016.

Private Client, Global Strategy Summit, Sydney Australia, “Industry and Workforce Trends Shaping the Future of Work in Telecommunications”. This session was a global summit for one of the world's largest telecommunications companies and discussed key trends impacting the industry and its' workforce, 2015.

HRMinds, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, “Workforce Strategy in the Legal Sector”. This session discussed the future of the legal profession and a Strategic Workforce Planning framework for navigating the changing nature of the sector, 2015.

Masterplan, Wellington New Zealand, “Is the Future already here?: A conversation with Frank Spencer and Alex Hagan”, 2014

Workforce Analytics

The Conference Board, Strategic Workforce Planning Academy, Brussels Belgium and New York City, USA, "Data Science in Workforce Strategy", The Conference Board’s Strategic Workforce Planning Academy, Belgium and New York, 2013-present

Australasian Talent Conference, Sydney Australia, “Predictive Analytics - get skilled or die trying”, 2014

Strategic Workforce Planning

Masterplan, Wellington, New Zealand, “A Holistic Framework for Developing Workforce Strategy”, 2014

Contingent Workforce Conference, Sydney, Australia, "Evolving towards Contingent Workforce Planning”, 2014

Masterplan, Wellington, New Zealand, “Recruitment in the Film Industry: The Challenges of Casting for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, and King Kong: A conversation with Miranda Rivers and Alex Hagan”, 2014

Government Workforce Planning & Organisational Capability Conference, Sydney, “Qualitative and Quantitative elements of Strategic Workforce Planning”, 2015

Workforce Planning for the Public Sector Conference, Canberra Australia, “Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop”, 2015, co-presented with Melissa Pring from NSW Police