Workforce Planning Masterclass Testimonials

"This is the best workshop/ training I have been on in a long time. Not only was the content intellectually stimulating, but I have also been able to apply the principles I have learnt immediately. It really shook up my frame of reference and has changed the way I think about strategy and HR in general. Its easy to get stuck in one perspective and become 'an unconscious competent' when you have been in one discipline for a while. This session absolutely reinspired me and has changed the way I practice HR." - Jess, Media Industry.

"Good balance of theoretical and practical knowledge and I came away with some good ideas to work on. I would recommend it as an excellent way to break down the huge topic of Workforce Planning into a process which can be chunked down and managed." - HR Manager, EPA

"A fascinating introduction to the world of Strategic Workforce Planning" - Advisor, Organisational & Employee Development, New Zealand Police

"A thought provoking and clarifying call to action" - Head of Human Resources, Kiwibank

"Practical, experience-based learning about a comprehensive model for conducting workforce planning" - Workforce Strategy & Planning Manager, New Zealand Inland Revenue

"Not only was the information and learning useful and applicable for my organisations challenges, Alex's in depth knowledge of the subject matter and ability to talk across a range of organisational challenges was extremely useful." - Human Resources Manager, Metro Glasstech

"Very useful workshop for Alex is engaging in Workforce Planning. Very knowledgeable and patient presenter. Right balance of theory and case studies / examples." - HR Manager - Projects, Healthcare New Zealand

"Practical, Insightful, De-mystified!" - Recruitment Manager, Westpac

''I really appreciated Alex's obvious wealth of practical hands-on consulting experience with clients in this area. Great to hear him share some good (and local) stories and experiences. Personable, knowledgeable, and obviously passionate about the topic. I liked that he encouraged our feedback and suggestions. I would recommend to others because Alex knows his stuff, and has a logical, tried and tested approach to Strategic Workforce Planning." 
- Capability Partner, Optimism

In The Media

15th August 2019, Shortlist, Talent leaders "buried" in workforce data pyramids (subscription only link)

23rd September, 2014, Shortlist, Opportunities for staffing industry in workforce management evolution (subscription only link)

10th September, 2014, HR Daily, Two ways you could be using big data for better results (link)

30th July, 2014, HR Daily, Data analysis debunks "assumed best practice", says specialist

28th May, 2014, HR Daily, Are your people initiatives working? The Numbers can Tell You (subscription only link)

1st April, 2014, The Dominion Post (New Zealand), Global Cloud Future Seen for Workforce (link)

30th March, 2014, Radio 2UE, Weekends with George & Paul - Interview re Workforce Analytics

26th March, 2014, Australian Financial Review, Are we being employed, or stalked? (link)

26th February, 2014, Australian Financial Review, Think Laterally to Stay Ahead (download)

25th February, 2014, BRW, Why the Young don't buy Homes, and it's not all bad (link)

13th December, 2013, Press Release: New Strategic Workforce Planning Conference launches in Aus/NZ, 
HR warned to prepare for 21st Century industrial revolution

13th December, 2013, Shortlist, Analyse your workforce before you start planning, says strategy expert

16th May, 2013, BRW, Number Crunched - How Bosses Try to Turn You into Code (link)




"Alex is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive and a rare combination of someone who is as adept and savvy with interpersonal relationships as he is with technical details.  I knew Alex could always be counted on to deliver and respond to requests both big and small."

- Program Manager, Global Staffing at Starbucks Coffee Company