It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.
— Charles Darwin

The Future Of Work Starts Today

Profound changes in workforce dynamics, consumer dynamics, and technology are happening all around us.  You can't predict the future, but you can choose whether to create it, prepare for it, or react to it.  We help organisations avoid the latter.

Using our proprietary strategic workforce planning framework, Kienco can work with your team to determine the best approach to rolling out Strategic Workforce Planning initiatives, and provide you with materials and/or consulting to assist.  We tailor each project to the preferences and resources of our clients and work with you to fully implement a Strategic Workforce Planning program across the organisation.

Our Approach to Workforce Strategy

Although nobody can predict the future, what we can do is to identify some of the most significant and volatile factors in an organisation's future, and to build strategies that allow us to be responsive to these changes, should they occur.  These processes are known as Environment Scanning and Scenario Planning respectively, and they're key elements of our framework for Strategic Workforce Planning.  In parallel, we use Workforce Data Science to unlock areas of opportunity, risk, and inefficiency within organisations.  Our approach is unique in blending insights about the workforce of today with the critical 21st century discipline of Applied Foresight, allowing organisations to build the workforce that is able to execute strategy, but also agile and responsive enough to take advantage of opportunities and change as they arise.

We work to align workforce strategy to organisational strategy, enabling HR to think strategically about the business, and the business to think strategically about talent.  


It's said that a consultant is someone who comes in to solve a problem, and stays around long enough to be a part of it. We're a boutique consulting company - read, micro business - by choice, and true partners to our clients.  We tailor our services to your needs, set you on the path to success, and remain available to help you - but our consulting model doesn't require us to be embedded in your organisation for years.  

This approach makes our work more effective, because we can help and support more organisations - you benefit from our global experience in a range of industries and economies, and build formidable and world-class internal capability in workforce strategy, without having an indefinite-length consulting engagement.  

Recent Work

Some of the recent projects we've worked on include:

  • Running Futuring Sessions and Strategic Workforce Planning Methodology for a National Police Force
  • Assisting a newly formed government department to determine an operating model true to their vision and mission
  • Rolling out our Strategic Workforce Planning framework across a global construction company, leading to data insights about which talent programs were delivering value, and where adjustments needed to be made.
  • Conducted a comprehensive Strategic Workforce Planning program for an Energy Industry client, leading to strategies for unlocking siloed key talent and a program to engage with Alumni.
  • Workforce Modelling for a Non-For Profit organisation undergoing funding changes
  • Assisting a major organisation in a relocation from Melbourne to Geelong

How can we help you?

Contact us and let's have a chat about how we can work together to build world-class Strategic Workforce Planning practices in your organisation.