• Cliftons @ The Majestic Centre (map)
  • 100 Willis Street
  • Wellington, Wellington, 6011
  • New Zealand

Kienco's Strategic Workforce Planning Training in New Zealand is run in conjunction with the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

In 2019, these courses will be held in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.

More information and bookings can be found on the HRINZ Website.

Organisations are reporting that they see the link between Strategic Workforce Planning and profitability; yet at the same time reporting that they don't know how to start a Strategic Workforce Planning program in their own organisation. This course equips participants with the framework and tools to begin a best practise Strategic Workforce Planning initiative in their organisation.

Large corporate organisations who implement Strategic Workforce Planning have improved productivity and optimised their workforces, Government and Not-For-Profit organisations can do more with less and will improve service. This is where HR can contribute in a very tangible way to the bottom line of an organisation. - research has shown that organisations using best-practise Strategic Workforce Planning have higher revenue, and higher profit margins. Executives are demanding that for HR to earn a seat at the table, they need to be able to contribute to strategy in a meaningful way, and Strategic Workforce Planning provides the framework for doing this.

Kienco’s framework is a comprehensive approach to workforce planning and analytics.  It allows organisations to analyse their current and forecast their future workforces using workforce analytics; explore trends and factors both inside and outside the organisation that will affect the future of the workforce; determine whether current HR and Talent initiatives are delivering value now, and whether they will into the future; quantify and determine actions to close the gaps between the current workforce and the workforce of the future; and implement feedback mechanisms that will allow the organisation to review the effectiveness of those initiatives, and to identify where the strategic landscape is changing such that the plan needs to be adjusted.

This course introduces the discipline and principles of Strategic Workforce Planning, provides detailed case studies and examples of each part of the methodology, and demonstrates approaches that will allow HR to contribute in a very tangible way to the bottom-line of the organisation, as well as to build workforce agility.  Our training has been run in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and Singapore.

Places in the workshop are strictly limited to ensure a high-quality and collaborative learning environment. 

Find more information and secure your place at the HRINZ Website.