• Westpac (map)
  • 275 Kent St
  • Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • Australia

At the end of 2014, representatives from Westpac and Kienco decided to collaborate on the creation of a face-to-face networking group for Strategic Workforce Planning practitioners.  Still in its' formative stages, the first meeting of the Sydney Cross-Industry Community of Practice in Strategic Workforce Planning will be hosted at Westpac in Sydney on the 26th of February.  By joining, you have the opportunity to have your organisation exclusively represent your industry, learn from peers from other industry sectors, and establish relationships and networks.


About the community:

  • Members will share and network in a series of Sydney-based meetings, with each meeting focusing on specific topics of interest to members.  

  • The community will span across industry groups to ensure diversity of thought and innovation. The group will be restricted to one organisation per industry to encourage open sharing and collaboration, and to remove any conflicts of interest.

  • The topics will be community-led (rather than instructor-led), and focused on those areas of greatest interest to community members.

These informal meetings are for sharing insights, ideas, and experiences in Strategic Workforce Planning.  We anticipate that this community will be a catalyst for valuable partnerships / networks to be formed within the HR industry.  If you are interested in representing your industry in the community, please contact me on LinkedIn or via our contact page.